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Why Cloud Computing Is the Next Big Thing

By Nextrio on April 16th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

In the early days of computing, sharing documents digitally was a tedious and laborious process. Before the widespread use of the Internet and email, you had to save a file to a physical disc to transport it to a computer outside your local area network. Even with email, document sharing can sometimes be problematic, especially if you and your recipient are running different operating systems or using different versions of the same software. Cloud computing eliminates most of these difficulties, and offers many other advantages:

Increased Shareability

Although almost every computer can read a Microsoft Word document these days, you may lose some important formatting if you attempt to open a file created with a newer version of Word on a computer that is running an older version. Cloud-based services such as Google Drive allow you to instantly share a document, any virtually any computer with a web browser will be able to view it instantly.

Enhanced Collaboration

In order to make group edits to large text documents or spreadsheets, companies used to have to send out mass emails to employees, who would then edit the file on their own computer and forward the latest version to everyone. Naturally, this imprecise method of working can cause minor edits to become lost in the shuffle. With cloud computing, multiple users can simultaneously edit one document from multiple computers, or even multiple locations—you could collaborate with a colleague in another state from the comfort of your local office.

Improved Data Security

When you store all your data on local servers or hard drives, you are still vulnerable to data loss should your hardware fail. Cloud-based servers, however, are often backed up in multiple physical locations on advanced, high-capacity hardware owned by professional multinational corporations.

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