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Why Cloud Computing and Working from Home Go Hand-in-Hand

By Nextrio on March 29th, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

459082897Over the past decade, more and more people have found that they can easily work from home. Advances in technology have allowed new generations to aspire toward work/life balance, by removing the physical requirements of constantly “being on the job” in many industries. This is also beneficial for businesses, as productivity is increased through the many ways to complete work. Cloud computing, the ability to access, share, and store data through the Internet from a hosted environment, has made working from home easier than ever. Here’s a brief look at how cloud computing and working from home are interconnected.

Expanding Communication

The development and proliferation of cloud computing has accelerated the rate of communication. The Internet has made it possible to communicate globally through email, voice, and face-to-face instantly with the click of a key. Cloud computing provides the enhanced feature of allowing colleagues to share and collaborate with documents and projects. Long gone is a meeting in the conference room the only option to get the job done.

Staying Productive from Wherever

Your workstation is where you are. You don’t need to worry about not having all the traditional tools you think you need to work effectively. Cloud computing makes it possible for employees to have access to important tools and applications at all times, enabling productivity. Thanks to Google’s cloud computing apps and programs from Dropbox, as examples, you can work wherever there’s a computer or device and an Internet connection.

Maintaining Consistency

Historically, home and office were two distinct worlds. Even if you could and did work from home, the level of work performed was at a much lower level than what was performed at the office. Now you have access to the same information and the ability to work together with colleagues without being in the same room. Cloud computing makes it easy to maintain consistency between home and office work, as it provides continuous access to the very same tools and documents. Thanks to cloud computing, you can collaborate and implement a great idea in the moment.

You’d be amazed by all the benefits cloud computing would add to your business. For more information about the cloud and how to make it work for you, reach out to the team at Nextrio, experts at helping Tucson businesses get the most out of their technology.