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Tips for Creating a Strong Password

By Nextrio on May 25th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Turning to managed services can help you improve your business by attracting new customers and maintaining professionalism. Working with professionals can give you the skills needed to give your company a boost, but only if you already have a good understanding of the basics! Brush up on the basics with these password creation tips.

Create Long Passwords

If your password is only three or four characters, it may be easy for hackers to figure it out based on a variety of elements. Many websites have features where users must create passwords that meet certain length requirements. Try to make each password long enough to meet these requirements, even for websites that do not have them.

Use Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

While it might be less work to remember simple words or phrases, it is also less work for hackers to access these types of passwords. Combining letters, numbers, and symbols is the best way to create a secure password that is hard to guess. This also makes it easier to create totally random passwords that provide the best security for your IT needs.

Give Each Account a Unique Password

Do you use the same password for multiple accounts? This is a bad habit that can lead to serious security issues. Create a unique password for each account to ensure security for information on all of these websites. If you use the same password for multiple sites and someone is able to access one password, they may be able to access multiple accounts.

Change Your Passwords Often

A good password does not have a long shelf life. Over time, even the most random passwords can be cracked by people who want to steal information from your and your customers. Changing your passwords often can help you maintain top security for all of your accounts at all times.

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