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The Living Social Data Breach: a Not-So-Good Deal For Users

By Nextrio on February 23rd, 2016 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

livingSocialYou know LivingSocial, right? The website where you can get good deals on cool things like travel, clothes, restaurants, and lots more. It’s a useful site, so it’s not surprising that lots and lots of people use it: over 70 million in fact. But no matter how benign and good-natured a company is, disaster can strike, and strike it did in the form of a massive data breach!

What Happened?

In 2013, the company announced that the personal data of 50 million people was compromised by hackers. The attack was unprecedented, quickly made international headlines. However, not every user had to worry: Thai, Korean, Indonesian, and Filipino users did not have their info compromised: pretty much every other country with a LivingSocial user base had plenty to worry about though! LivingSocial owned up to the attack on their servers early on, sending messages to all of its affected users informing them of the attack and urging them to change their passwords.

The Fallout

Although credit card information was luckily not accessed, the ramifications of a stolen password can be remarkable and profitable for the people doing the stealing. Would you believe me if I told you that a single password can be regularly bought and sold on the black market for $20? It’s true! If that’s not enough to get you serious about changing your password regularly, nothing is.

The scary part of this breach isn’t just the fact that data was compromised from a well-known and popular site: if you’ve seen our World Famous Security Breaches site, you know that it’s happened very often and to a very diverse field of websites. It’s that no matter what kind of company you are, if you’re storing valuable customer data, you may find yourself a target of hackers.

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