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The Evernote Hack of 2013

By Nextrio on October 21st, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

evernoteIn today’s digital world, high-quality security means protecting your business’ information, as well as the privacy of your clients and users. Hacks and data breaches put this vital information at risk and can affect both your image and the confidence your clients feel in your competence. Taking advantage of smart managed security solutions is the best way to prevent your company from coming under attack and suffering a breach that could result in lost information and profits.

The Evernote Hack

Evernote is a cloud-based service that provides users with a virtual workspace for note taking and other organizational tasks. In 2013, Evernote revealed that it had suffered a breach in security that had allowed hackers to gain access to user information, including usernames and their associated email addresses, as well as password information. Although Evernote officials claimed the password information obtained by the hackers was encrypted, the service still required each of its 50 million users to reset their passwords as a security precaution.

How Evernote Handled the Hack

The way in which Evernote officials handled the hack demonstrated the company’s competence and dedication to user security. Rather than tracking down the individual passwords that had been stolen, the company mandated that all passwords be resent to protect every user. Additionally, Evernote clearly stated in communications to consumers which information had been taken and how it had been protected, which provided the extra time needed to change passwords and protect user information. Furthermore, Evernote warned users in official communications of possible phishing scam behavior to help users arm themselves against scammers who may have obtained their username and email address.

Although Evernote handled its 2013 breach competently, this incident still demonstrates the vulnerability of user data in the cloud. At Nextrio, we can help you assess your cloud services and ensure they are secure to protect your information and provide the confidence you need to grow your business today and in the future. You can reach us by calling (520) 519-6301 or visiting our website to contact us online.