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Study Reveals Only 8.7% of Consumers Plan To Use Their Tablet To Replace Their Laptop

By Nextrio on February 22nd, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

A new survey released by IDC indicates that, while tablets are definitely a popular commodity, they are by no means replacing their predecessors: laptops. Only 8.7% of tablet buyers plan to actually use their tablets in place of their laptops.

Rather, 58.5% of people surveyed planned on using their tablets along with their laptops. Tom Mainelli, an International Data Corporation (IDC) analyst, speculates that this may be because of some shortcomings the tablets present in tasks we perform in day to day life. “A huge percentage of people still see a lot of value in a laptop for one kind of app or service they use on it,” Mainelli stated. “Would they want to do their taxes on a tablet? They haven’t quite made the leap to being comfortable with a mobile device like a tablet.”

Mainelli added, “Professionals still rely on laptops and a lot of them are just not really even thinking about the possibilities that the tablet offers and instead are concerned that a tablet doesn’t run Flash or can only open one app at a time.” To bridge this gap, companies like Amazon are gearing up to introduce tablets with a higher emphasis on business utility.

While the results of the survey definitely show the open market for business-based tablets, the results may be somewhat skewed since people under the age of 17 were not surveyed. Mainelli commented that their views may differ since they have grown up with tablets since the dawn of the first iPad. He mused, “The younger generation has different sentiments about phones and tablets and how useful they are.”

Whether the number was low because teens were not surveyed or because most business applications of tablets are not readily carried out in a streamlined fashion, Mainelli does believe the numbers will increase over the next year.

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