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IT Strategic Planning Mistakes to Avoid

By Nextrio on September 15th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

134945545IT strategic planning is the process of aligning an organization’s technology with its overall business strategy. Technology requirements and needs should be developed in conjunction with revenue, profit and productivity decision-making.  There are some pitfalls to avoid in developing your IT strategic plan. Making mistakes with your planning might hinder your business, though, so be sure to avoid the following.

A Plan that Is Too Complex

No need to waste paper.  The best IT strategic plan doesn’t have to be the longest.  Identify and align the technology strategies to best attain company goals.  Consider developing a comprehensive checklist that’s prioritized and includes time and budget constraints.  Also, take into account the requisite skills need to implement.

Putting It Off Until Next Year

Make it a priority. Strategic planning for your organization should include IT.  It’s most cost effective to plan ahead for IT needs, and ensuring the right technology is in place will assist with overall company goal attainment.  There may be great ways for automation to increase productivity, or new technology to lower costs and improve the bottom line.

Stuck in a Rut

The most effective IT strategic plans are those that change with the times. Technology is ever changing and improving, so being open to new ways of doing the same thing will be a benefit to your organization. New technology can be intimidating, so consider bringing in experts who are current with the marketplace.

Using Jargon

There’s no need to fill your IT strategic plan with confusing words and terms. Keep it simple and consider the stakeholders who will be implementing on the plan and using the technology.

Nextrio can help you develop a customized IT strategic plan for your business. As one of Tucson’s top IT companies, we understand the importance of a solid plan. Call (520) 519-6301 to get started.