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Is Your Small Business Ready for the Cloud?

By Nextrio on September 05th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

453612803The cloud provides a new way to manage your technology. With useful features like virtual servers, hosted email and web services, and collaboration tools, making the switch to the cloud could bring new advantages to the way you run your business. Keep reading to determine if the cloud can really help your small business.

You Have IT Managed Services

Your IT managed services provider should be looked at as a partner that will help navigate the pros and cons associated with moving to the cloud.  Consulting with your managed services provider will ensure you develop the most effective cloud or hybrid solution to meet your business goals.

Your Business Strategy May Change

Cloud technology will definitely change to adapt to the marketplace, and your business strategy may also. The scalability offered by using the services of the cloud may make sense for small businesses as they grow. Cloud services give small businesses the ability to leverage technology’s most current features and functionality.

You Have Quality Choices

There are options.  You have choices about how you use the cloud and can select the service provider that best fits your business needs.  The most effective solutions are tailored, leveraging the capabilities and scalability of a third-party solution while enhancing your current in-house technology.

At Nextrio, we understand how cloud technology can help a small business. We provide managed services and introduce the best cloud solutions for our clients’ needs. If you think you are ready to make the leap to the cloud, we can help. Visit us online or call (520) 519-6301 to learn more.