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Secure your Work Environment

By Nextrio on August 18th, 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

The right technology plays a key part in securing your company’s network; however, staff behavior also plays a part in the process. Integrating the right tools with proper staff training creates a more comprehensive approach to your security.

Passwords & Two-factor Authentication

Remind staff that passwords are to be unique or different for each application or software they use. Also, employees should never share passwords with others. In addition to a single sign on password, you should also consider implementing two-factor authentication to add a second layer of security. In addition to a regular password, a login code or USB device grants access to the individual user as a second step in the process.

Wireless Connection

It’s important to differentiate your company’s Wi-Fi network from your guest network, to ensure those who shouldn’t have access to your data aren’t able to enter through a wireless connection. Also, staff members should be set up to access data through secure remote access, and not openly access data using public Wi-Fi.

Data Backup

Hopefully you won’t need to access the data you backup, but if the moment arises, you’ll want it all. Remind staff to store files on the shared drives, and not locally on their computers.  If something were to happen to a computer and the files were not stored on a server or in the cloud, they may not be retrievable. Also, don’t forget a consistent backup strategy for all of your company’s data.

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