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Save Money with Cloud Computing

By Nextrio on February 28th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Businesses produce a great deal of data that must be saved, and an excess of data creates a need for efficient storage methods. One such method that has gained popularity is cloud computing, which stores information virtually and at a very reasonable cost. Read on for a look at just three of the many ways cloud computing can save you money:

Lower IT Expenses

The alternative to cloud computing is storing all of your data on hardware, such as external hard drives. However, these machines can only hold so much data, and you will constantly have to buy more and more as each device fills up. As you do this, the used-up machines will simply take up space. Cloud computing, being a virtual storage system, does not require a great deal of specialized equipment and has an almost infinite capacity for data.

Greater Flexibility

Rather than spending a fortune on a monstrous external hard drive for your small business that you may never use, you can buy cloud-computing space to match your business’ size. For example, if your business is just starting up, you can purchase a reasonable amount of storage space, such as 16GB. As your business expands and outgrows its 16GB capacity, you can simply add more space a little at a time to match its needs. This is much more economical than constantly buying hardware.

Lower Power Cost

An in-house data-storage system can eat up a huge amount of bandwidth and electricity, especially when you consider the fact that some of your servers will not be used and simply waste energy. Cloud computing is conducted efficiently from a remote location, and because a provider’s clients all share a portion of the total energy cost, the savings is quite noticeable.

Every business requires a different solution for its cloud computing needs. That’s why Nextrio of Tucson offers a number of flexible cloud computing plans at a very reasonable price. We also offer expert IT management, strategy planning, and other services to ensure that your business is always on top of the latest technology. Call (520) 545-7101 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.