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IT Risk Management Issues Your Company Shouldn’t Overlook

By Nextrio on September 25th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

145163227An important aspect of IT strategic planning is having a risk management plan that accounts for potential issues with your technology and network. Make sure your plan includes contingencies to ensure that your IT systems and business are well protected.

Adequate Documentation

It’s easy for a company to rely on its internal experts to “just take care of things” and “get it done”, but documenting the processes and procedures that keep your technology up and running is crucial.  Archived and documented legacy information is valuable in mitigating risk.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Again, highlighting the need for IT documentation, it’s extremely important to create a disaster recovery plan.  There’s always the chance that the unthinkable might happen, so creating a disaster recovery plan that gives you concrete communication tactics and a roadmap to recovery is crucial to your business.

Consolidate Technology

If possible, you should make an effort to keep all of your servers in one location to simplify your IT and make them easily accessible for servicing.  Also, consider virtualizing your server environment to consolidate your technology infrastructure even more.  Less stuff equals less to worry about.


Whether you decide to save all of your information to backup servers or save it to the cloud, consistent and comprehensive backup is imperative. Also, consider implementing multi-factor authentication to access your network as a step to protect your data.

With the help of Nextrio, you can develop a thorough risk management plan to prepare for the unknown. From strategic planning to managed IT, we help you stay on top of your technology so you can focus on your business. To learn more about our IT managed services, visit us online or call (520) 519-6301.