Moving to Office 365

Why would you need help with a migration?

It may seem easy to move to the cloud, as a subscription purchase and activation sounds simple enough.  However, as we’ve found with many of our clients, migrating all of your organization’s data and history  to the cloud can be a bit tricky to do on your own.

We’ve even helped companies with in-house IT departments as  Nextrio has developed processes, tools, and documentation that make the move simple, transparent, and seamless. Nextrio  will  collaborate with you, identifying your unique environment, to develop the best plan for forward motion.  In addition, we do as much, or as little, as your business needs with the actual migration, allowing you to  retain control throughout the entire process.

What to expect?

Nextrio’s created a fairly straightforward plan that gets you up and running quickly.

  • We start with discovery and data collection to gather information about your network.
  • Next, we then have a kick off meeting or call with you to walk through our findings, set  expectations, develop timelines, and clarify roles and responsibilities through the process.
  • The next step is the migration, ensuring a seamless transition from the past solution to the new  Office 365 solution. This includes personalized work, to ensure quality control at every step.
  • We follow up after your migration to make sure everything is working as planned, and provide  any helpful or useful information for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we need a partner like Nextrio to help with the migration?

A: We’re a neutral partner in the process, wanting to determine the best solution for our customers  taking into consideration all aspects of an organization’s network and work flow. Also, we provide a  complete migration solution and work with Microsoft and other vendors to ensure a thorough and  comprehensive migration. We’re also eager to answer questions throughout and after the process.

Q: Do we get to keep our domain?

A: Yes. We’ll ensure that email mailboxes are set up using your current domain. Your email  addresses won’t change.

Q: Do we need to change Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

A: Typically, no. Depending on the need and the type of Office 365 solutions selected, we may  recommend increases in speed and/or having a redundant connection.

Q: I’m starting my business and don’t have a domain, can you help with this?

A: Absolutely. We’ll purchase, configure, and renew the subscription for you.

Q: I’m not sure what we need. Will you help us figure it out?

A: Yes. That’s one of the benefits of working with Nextrio. First, we’ll assess what you currently have  as your current email structure, determine exactly the right subscription level for your organization,  and make a recommendation for the best migration path.

Q: Can I mix and match plans for my staff?

A: Yes. This is an advantage, in that you get what you need, no more, no less. We work closely with  you to determine exactly what you need for each employee. And, if you want to add additional  services you can do that at a later time.

Q: If we purchase a plan that includes downloadable Office, can you install this?

A: Yes. Microsoft gives you the choice of using  all solutions in the cloud, and also the option to  include downloadable versions. We’ll install and configure whatever Office 365 solution you choose.

Q: How long will the migration take?

A: It typically takes between 1-2 weeks from the time we begin to you accessing email  with Office 365.

Q: How long will email be down during the migration process?

A: Downtime is kept to a minimum, and we try to schedule the migration over the weekend or  designated days that aren’t disruptive for your work. When we do the migration  from the current  solution to Office 365 we have to make changes to the DNS server so the actual time could be up to  24 hours. However, you can immediately access email from Outlook on the web or on smart phones or other devices.

Q: Will we lose any historical emails?

A: No. Using Nextrio for your migration ensures that all of your historical emails will be retained and  moved to your new mailbox.

Q: Will I retain my individual mailbox settings?

A: It depends. Some settings will be the same, but most will need to be set up by the user.  Signatures and some addresses that auto-fill may be retained.

Q: Will all of my contacts, notes, calendar information, folders, etc., be transferred?

A: Anything that was on the physical server should be transferred during the migration.

Q: Will we need new software or hardware?

A: Possibly.  An option with older Office versions is to  have access to email through Outlook on the web via a web browser. We can help you determine  your best path.

Q: Do I need to keep my physical server?

A: Maybe. If you’re using the physical server for local file storage, permissions, printing, or line-of-business support then you would need to keep your server. If not, then it might be a candidate for  decommissioning.

Q: Will I need to upgrade my web browser?

A: Maybe. This would only be an issue if you’re accessing Outlook or Office through the Internet.

Q: Will Office 365 work with our line-of-business applications or other technology?

A: It depends on if/how the 3rd party vendor has integrated with Office 365. We can help you make  this determination.

Q: Can I still use my copier to scan to email?

A: Yes.

Q: How will I be billed?

A: If you choose Nextrio, you will be presented with a fixed fee quote and you will be sent an invoice  after completion of the migration to Office 365. The Office 365 subscription will be paid directly to  Microsoft either monthly or yearly, depending on the service you choose. You must sign a 12-month  commitment with Microsoft and provide a valid credit card for automatic monthly billing with them  directly. Any additional work needed after the migration, either related to Office 365 or any general IT  needs, can be provided by Nextrio at an hourly rate.

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