Nextrio Hardware Guarantee

One of the valuable features of our Nextrio managed services agreements is an additional layer of protection we provide on equipment we purchase for your business. To that end, we include with every workstation, server, and dedicated storage device purchased from us, our unique Hardware Guarantee. This guarantee entitles your business to:

  • Complimentary evaluation and diagnosis of hardware failure within the original manufacturer’s warranty period and under an active, applicable Nextrio managed services agreement.
  • Complimentary shipping and handling of any manufacturer-authorized returns or repairs for products under original warranty and under an active, applicable Nextrio managed services agreement.
  • Complimentary order processing, tracking and confirmation of scheduled delivery date for any manufacturer’s replacement hardware during an active, applicable Nextrio managed services agreement.

Although there is no absolute protection against hardware failures altogether, with the Nextrio Hardware Guarantee, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Nextrio will be there to help.

Please note the following guidelines and restrictions apply to the Nextrio Hardware Guarantee:

  • The Guarantee includes diagnosis, shipping and return for complete hardware failure only as defined and supported by the original product manufacturer.
  • Nextrio will gladly troubleshoot and provide an estimate to correct any other types of problems (including configuration changes, conflicts caused by installation or removal of drivers, applications or hardware, or other issues that arise after the initial product is delivered) at our standard hourly rate.
  • We cannot extend this Guarantee beyond the expiration of the original manufacturer’s warranty as initially assigned to your company when Nextrio first purchased the product. Extended warranties purchased from the manufacturer or providers other than Nextrio will not be honored.
  • Time spent on backups/recovery necessary because of hardware failures will be billed at our standard rate.