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Netflix Twitter Account Taken Over

By Nextrio on April 21st, 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

There wasn’t much “chilling” going on when Netflix suffered a cyber security mishap in late 2016. A Netflix Twitter account was hacked, and the hackers sent out a series of tweets that mocked the organization’s security. The hackers were identified as the OurMine hacker group, and they are no strangers to social media takeovers. Read ahead to learn more about what happened when Netflix had their Twitter account taken over.

The Tweets

When Netflix had their Twitter account hacked in 2016, the hackers seemed to see it as a power move. While in control of the account, hackers claimed that it was their job to prove that the world’s security is not where it should be. A number of tweets were sent out from the Netflix US Twitter account, but many were deleted in a matter of minutes. Fortunately the Netflix US Twitter account isn’t associated with customers’ credit card information or other personal details. If these hackers could get into such a high profile Twitter account, however, they could move onto other databases.

OurMine Hacker Group

It turns out that the group behind the 2016 Netflix Twitter takeover is called OurMine. This group of hackers are already known in the IT and cyber security world, as they have given social media executives problems in the past. OurMine took credit for the hack during the investigation, and they may have gotten into the account well before anyone realized. Aside from a customer support tweet, Netflix did not comment at the time.