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IT Solutions for eCommerce

By Nextrio on January 12th, 2018 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

If you run an online business, you need to be sure that your website is well-designed and easy for customers to use. Working with an IT company can help you be sure that the technical side of your website is well-managed, so you can focus on the design aspects and marketing that will draw customers in. If you aren’t sure where to start with IT solutions for eCommerce, read on for a basic overview of some services that can help you keep a functioning online store.

Live Chat Integration
Because you won’t have face-to-face time with customers when they shop on your website, you want to make sure that you have a place for them to get immediate answers to questions or provide feedback about their shopping experiences. Live chat can offer just that, and your IT professional can recommend the right software for your site and help you integrate it.

Network Alerting and Monitoring
Online stores never close, which is part of their appeal. However, they may be unexpectedly shut down by network or server issues, such as inefficient routing of traffic to your website. With network monitoring and alerting, you can be sure that downtime for your site is limited, so you’ll avoid losing valuable business.

Managed Security
Security is another essential feature for eCommerce businesses, because they require that customers put in personal and financial information when they make purchases. You want to be sure that you have managed security for your site and your network so that customers feel confident when they shop with you.

If you are looking for managed IT services without having to hire your own IT staff, Nextrio can provide the solutions you need at an affordable price for your budget. Feel free to visit us on our website for more information, or call us at (520) 545-7100 to discuss your needs with a member of our team.