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Is it Time for an IT Audit?

By Nextrio on March 10th, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

160840798Running a business can feel like a juggling act, with more and more balls added to the mix. Over time, it’s easy to be pulled into current projects and managing the moment at hand. Thinking about an IT audit is as dreaded as going to the doctor for a long-needed checkup. You don’t really want to know the results, so why bother. However, periodically taking time to assess how well your technology infrastructure is performing for your business is important for growth. Here’s a few indicators that it’s time for your business to consider an IT audit.

You’re still using Windows XP

Technology changes at lightning speed, and technology vendors are focusing on what’s new, not in the past. They are systematically instituting “end of support” deadlines for out-of-date technology which is too costly to keep current. Recent examples are the end of support for Windows XP last year, and in July this year Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will be put on the shelf. An IT audit can at least determine when upgrading is a necessity. Look at your inventory and make a plan today.

Slow as a Snail…or a Tortoise, too.

Are your computers running at the most optimal speed? Your employees shouldn’t be wasting time waiting for their computers to “think”, as processing speed continuously improves. Computers should provide instantaneous results to improve productivity, not hinder it. An IT audit will help pinpoint any problems, so you can take action to optimize.

Losing your Edge?

Are there better, cheaper or faster ways to do what you’re doing? If your business isn’t growing or you feel that you’re falling behind in the marketplace, it could be due to competitors having an edge with how they use technology. Conducting an IT audit and making the recommended upgrades can help you leapfrog over the competition and conquer the market.

Even if you think your business is at the forefront of technology, you’ll find that a professional IT audit is a worthwhile investment. The team at Nextrio can help identify big and small opportunities to get the most out of your technology.