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How to Use Tablets in the Workplace

By Nextrio on December 06th, 2012 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Many consumers use tablet computers to play games, view pictures, and watch movies. But these amazing devices have many capabilities beyond amusement and recreation. Companies of all sizes, from small local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, are integrating tablets into their IT infrastructure. Whether you choose the iPad, the Nexus, the Galaxy, or the Playbook for your business, you can use tablet computers to:

Streamline Meetings

Providing employees with company tablets can help keep everyone on task during meetings. Rather than printing out stacks of documents, simply email them to all the attendees, and they can view them on their tablet. Most tablets also have a variety of note-taking applications, so users can quickly jot down ideas while still viewing common content. Certain tablets and programs allow instant collaboration, so users can comment on a document during the meeting.

Manage Files

Cloud-based business computing allows you to access the programs and files you need from anywhere, on any device—including a tablet computer. Viewing and editing content is much easier on a tablet than on a smartphone, and tablets are much more portable than laptops. During long flights and business trips, a tablet allows you to easily access your data, and even create new documents and answer emails.

Engage Customers

No matter what product you manufacture or what service you provide, you can capture customers’ attention through tablet-optimized content. Equip your salespeople with tablets and they can instantly present photos and videos related to your business to potential customers on the go. Conducting off-site sales is also easy with a tablet. Applications allow you to accept payments at any location where you have an internet connection.

To explore the full range of productivity and sales advantages that tablets can bring to your company, consult the IT experts at Nextrio of Tucson. We can help you find innovative ways to integrate these devices into your business. Give us a call today at (520) 545-7100 and we will help you choose the brand of tablet that’s right for your business needs.