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How Microsoft’s Office 365 Can Improve Communication and Productivity

By Nextrio on June 22nd, 2012 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud solution for business, allowing workers to access and share the tools and files they need from anywhere.  The cloud aspect of Office 365 means that applications like email or video conferencing, programs like Word and PowerPoint, and documents themselves are all hosted remotely on secure servers.

With a cloud solution like Office 365 in place, a business does not have to worry about running costly and troublesome in-house servers. Workers with Office 365 can access the tools and documents they need from any internet connection. Below, we’ll review four Office 365 features that can increase your company’s communication and productivity.

File Sharing

This feature allows teams to share and collaborate on documents in real time. Two colleagues can open and edit a document simultaneously. This eliminates the hassle of editing, saving, and emailing revised files back and forth between team members. Users can also set up a team site to manage all of the files, team members, and deadlines associated with a project.

Instant Messaging  (IM)

Instant messaging is the ultimate collaboration tool, allowing co-workers to connect any time they are online. IM can save workers time by allowing them to ask a colleague a quick question or share a link, without having to compose an email or get up and walk down the hall to another office. IM also gives remote workers a way to be ‘present’ and accessible without being at the office.

Online Meetings

Office 365’s online conferencing tool allows members of your team to hold face-to-face video or audio meetings from any location. This feature integrates with Outlook email and calendar and includes screen-sharing capabilities. Online conferencing is an excellent tool for organizations with remote workers or more flexible policies that allow employees to work from home. 

Mobile Apps

Office 365 allows you to take all of these timesaving and collaborative tools with you on your mobile device. Sales people or remote employees can stay productive by remaining connected to their company email, calendar, documents, and more from almost any mobile device.  

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