HIPAA and the HITECH Act

HIPAA Risk Assessments

Compliance, a journey not a destination…

To fulfill the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule, each “covered entity” must conduct a security risk analysis. However,  it doesn’t stop there. Risk must continue to be measured on an ongoing basis to address change and growth. Essentially, much like a patient seeking wellness, a practice should evaluate its health, come up with a “reasonable and appropriate” improvement plan, and stick with the program. In order to become healthy, you must first assess whether you are sick and then determine what combination of diet, exercise, and medication is going to create the best journey to compliance.

Nextrio’s Solution

As healthcare IT experts, Nextrio can help you simplify and demystify the HIPAA risk analysis process. We combine our IT security best practices with in-depth knowledge of how HIPAA requirements reasonably apply to your practice. Using our assessment methodology, we set expectations up front, efficiently gather data, and clearly articulate findings and recommendations.

A member of our healthcare project team will meet with you to kick-off the assessment, partner with you to complete questionnaires, and execute internal and external network scans to identify vulnerabilities. Our efficient approach will save you time and provide you with a comprehensive report to help you plan and implement remediation.

Findings are reviewed in-person, or by phone for remote offices, with plenty of opportunity for dialogue about how to interpret recommendations, how best to prioritize, and where to generate the biggest return on your investment. In the end, you will have the peace of mind of completing your annual risk analysis requirement, a baseline to measure change, and a healthier IT profile.