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For More On Outlook And Cloud Computing, Visit These Sites

By Nextrio on February 08th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Microsoft Outlook and cloud computing are two of the best-known business technology solutions. Outlook’s easy-to-understand email system and cloud computing’s huge economic benefits have been helping businesses save time and money for years. Learn more about these solutions by following these links:

  •  Learn some helpful tricks to using Microsoft Outlook at TechHit.com.
  •  SAP.com has a blog entry about the potential financial savings of using cloud-computing technology over hardware.
  •  The benefits of using cloud computing for data storage are huge. Learn about five of them when you read this article from WebRoot.com.
  •  Microsoft Office has a page where you can look up all of Outlook’s timesaving keyboard shortcuts.
  • Government IT contractor NJVC conducted a study to determine if the economic benefits of cloud computing are worth it over the long run. Check out their executive summary at Forbes.com to see their conclusion
  •  For more helpful information on Outlook, cloud computing, and other technology solutions, contact Nextrio of Tucson at 520-545-7101 or visit us on the web.