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The Finer Points of E-mail Etiquette

By Nextrio on January 16th, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

466311079In today’s busy business environment, e-mail is the preferred communication type over face-to-face or phone discussions. Through e-mail, employees can quickly send messages to clients and colleagues, making the workplace more efficient. However, in order for e-mail to enhance a business’s communication efforts, employees need to be reminded of appropriate business e-mail etiquette.


Even though e-mail replaces in-person communication, each message should still begin with a proper greeting. Although it seems trivial, remembering to begin correspondence with “Good Morning” or “Dear John” or “Hello Team” sets the tone of the communication.

Who’s Included, and How

Too often an e-mail is sent out to a large group of people with only a small number really needing to be added in the “to” line.  Only folks expected to respond to the e-mail should be included in this line.  All others who are included for informational purposes only, and not expected to respond, should be added to the “cc” line.  Exercise caution when assigning the “bcc” line, using it only when protecting the recipient’s e-mail address is necessary.

What’s Your Point?

The subject line of the e-mail should succinctly and distinctly describe the contents of the e-mail body. Many busy business professionals will gauge the immediate importance of a message by scanning through subject lines.

Scan for Safety

Hackers often spread viruses through simple e-mail exchanges, which can severely damage a recipient’s computer and company network. Senders can protect their colleagues and e-mail recipients by scanning all documents and attachments with an anti-virus software program before sending messages.

Your John Hancock

After properly signing off, senders should include an e-mail signature containing name, title, company and contact information. Many professionals will also include the business logo or a link to the company website.

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