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Finding Manpower Solutions for IT Managers

By Nextrio on May 25th, 2018 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Your company is experiencing growth and is taking on some special projects. That’s great for the business, but what does it mean for your IT department? Should you hire? Will there be enough work to keep new IT professionals busy down the road? Before you start posting job ads and sorting through resumes, take a careful look at what your current needs really are and what your future needs are likely to be. Chances are, your department can meet its needs with an externally sourced, contracted IT company.

Identifying the Necessary Core Competencies

Before you contract with an external IT company to share the workload, you’ll want to make sure that the incoming professionals are up to the task at hand. Every IT professional needs certain core competencies, including soft skills like excellent communication skills, strategic thinking, problem solving, and adaptability. In addition, you may wish to look for individuals with expertise in advanced storage solutions—a common area of concern for many companies. Optimal storage architecture can help the company keep costs low and improve the performance of applications.

Finding IT Professionals with the Necessary Certifications

IT professionals like to collect certifications the way authors like to collect bylines, with good reason. The right certifications verify a professional’s expertise, letting IT managers know they’re hiring the right person for the job. Consider checking for the following certifications before you bring short-term specialists onboard in your department:

  • Apple support and technical certifications
  • Cisco routing and switching certifications
  • CompTIA networking and configuration certifications
  • Microsoft server and desktop certifications
  • VMware and other virtualization certifications
  • MikroTik™ router and wireless configuration certifications

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