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What to Expect from Cloud Computing in 2015

By Nextrio on February 28th, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

453612803Cloud isn’t new. We’ve been using the basics for years, having our emails stored for us. Now, we’re increasing the type and volume of information we’re willing to store off-premise. With advances in technology and functionality, cloud services continue to drop in price and are more readily available to small and medium-sized businesses than in the past.  Here’s what you can expect from cloud computing in the upcoming year.

Increased Spending on IT Services

Companies have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see how cloud computing could benefit or impact their business.  This is the year that mainstream support will begin, and experts believe that more budget dollars will be spent on cloud technology in 2015. From increased security concerns and the need to manage the huge volumes of data, attention will be spent on funding the appropriate technology to keep businesses safe, and allow them to best service customers and grow.

Integrated Cloud Services

In 2015, companies should be able to take advantage of cloud APIs that link together a variety of services. This improved interconnectivity will be a huge benefit to organizations that use multiple types of technology in their environment. This also allows for a hybrid environment with a combination of on-premise and off-premise solutions to work in tandem.

The Need for User Training

The majority of security incidents are a result of user error.  Investing in user training will significantly improve the odds of staying secure, especially if new cloud technology is introduced.  Anytime new technology is deployed, training is important for both productivity and security.

Vendor Management

Keeping all the vendors straight can be a daunting task. This includes knowing who to call to troubleshoot issues, how different services and applications work together, and managing technology issues when they arise.  As more and more types of technology enter a business, managing the vendor relationships becomes an important function.

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