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Examining the Signs of a Computer Virus

By Nextrio on April 05th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Did you know that Windows XP support is ending soon? That means companies who still use Windows XP will need to reevaluate their software needs as well as their security measures. Learning about the most common signs of a computer virus can help you prepare for tackling security needs once Windows XP support ends. If your company needs some help determining when a computer is affected, look to these common signs for guidance.

Running Slowly

Viruses commonly cause computers to run more slowly than they normally run. If you have noticed a decrease in your computer’s speed, it may be a sign of a virus. Certain documents, files, and websites can cause your computer to experience a decrease in performance because of their size or features. It is important to take note of whether your computer only runs slowly during a certain task or if it has become slower overall.

Constantly Crashing

Have you experienced multiple computer crashes recently? This is a common sign of a computer virus. Crash can affect individual programs or entire computers, often resulting in the need to turn off or restart the machine. A crash may happen if you visit a certain website or try to load a file that is too large, but constant crashes during different tasks may be a warning sign of a virus on your computer.

Missing or Adding Files

Computer viruses can affect the files on your machine. Some viruses may delete certain files, leaving you unable to open them. Other viruses can add files to your computer to access certain elements or important information. If you notice changes to your computer files and do not remember making them, your computer may have a virus affecting it. Keep track of your files so you will know when one goes missing or when a new one is added.

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