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ESTsoft, 2011

By Nextrio on October 21st, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

estsoftRecent advances in cloud computing, particularly managed cloud services, have provided tremendous benefits for companies that keep their data infrastructure in the cloud. Unfortunately, even the slightest vulnerability in a company’s IT infrastructure can have huge consequences if (and when) exploited by cyber attackers. As one of Tucson’s premier managed services providers, Nextrio wants to raise awareness about the importance of carefully designed and monitored data infrastructures by reliving some of the worst cyber security nightmares in recent years. This week we’re focusing on the ESTsoft incident of 2011.

It’s jokingly been referred to as “hackocalypse,” but there was nothing funny about South Korea’s biggest theft of information in history. In 2011, the general purpose software company ESTsoft was the target of a devastating attack that impacted a majority of South Korea’s population.

Attackers uploaded malware to an ESTsoft server that eventually compromised more than 60 PCs at SK Communications, a company that made use of the ESTsoft program. The infected computers then stole records of roughly 35 million individuals—in a nation with a total population of just 49 million. Attackers were able to steal addresses, passwords, telephone numbers, birthdates, and gender, basically all the information needed to commit identity theft on a massive scale.

Although ESTsoft has yet to disclose their own financial losses, industry experts and IT analysts estimate that the data breach cost the company millions of dollars. There have already been numerous lawsuits filed against ESTsoft and SK Communications by and on behalf of those affected by the attack.

Can your business afford a security breach of even a fraction of one this size? Whether you’re already in the cloud or thinking about transitioning to the cloud, Nextrio can provide guidance and recommendations to help keep your company (and your customers) secure.

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