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Do You Have an Effective IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

By Nextrio on June 08th, 2018 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Even when you take as many necessary precautions as you can, natural disasters, accidents, and cyberattacks can all occur without warning. If your business were hit with one of these IT disasters, would you know what to do next? Having an IT disaster recovery plan means you can simply put your strategies into action in the face of crisis, so you can minimize the amount disruption your business faces. Here are some important facets of disaster recovery plans that your business should have in place.

Threat Analysis

Preparing for a potential disaster means being aware of the risks that you face. Some risks are present across the board for businesses. For example, cyberattacks happen to businesses of all sizes and are something that every company should plan to protect themselves against. Other threats are location-specific. If your business is located along the Atlantic seaboard, then you face the risk of hurricanes, while a business in the Midwest doesn’t have to think about hurricanes but does need to consider the risk of tornadoes. Get clear about the risks you face, so you can make the right plans to deal with them.

Business Continuity Planning

Your IT disaster recovery plan should be part of your business continuity plan. Within these plans, you should have a clear, ongoing plan for data backup, plus a combination of internal and vendor-supported recovery actions you can take as needed. To develop a comprehensive plan, inventory all of your hardware, software, and applications, so you don’t leave any critical component of your IT system out of your recovery planning.

Regular Updates

IT disaster plans have a shelf life. As technology changes, so do the strategies that work in the case of disasters. Review and test your strategies periodically, to make sure they are still the best possible plan for your business.


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