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Create a Clear IT Project Plan

By Nextrio on April 20th, 2015 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

121198306Has it been a while since you conducted an audit of your IT network? Do you know what you have, where it is, and if you use it? Are you tinkering with the idea of moving to the cloud? Have you acquired another business, or grown over the past few years? Times like this are well-served by making a plan.

Once you’ve determined a plan is needed and have established the goals, a clear strategy including follow through with smart management of your IT plan will ensure that your project will be a success.

Develop Roles and Responsibilities

Put together the best team to managed and complete the project, which includes internal staff and consultants or business partners outside of the company. Ensure that each team member understands the goals, why they’ve been chosen to participate, and how it all goes together. Getting buy-in from team members will allow for everyone to pull in the same direction for positive project outcomes.

Measure Success

iStock_000010735600XSmallMeeting your goals is the ultimate measure of success, however, it’s important to establish milestones along the way. This ensures the team stays on track, and also gives incremental “wins” for the team to keep everyone motivated. Develop a rubric to assess and measure accomplishments throughout the process that point to the end goal. If issues arise, changes can be made to adapt to the situation. After your project is finished, a project debrief will provide valuable information about the process and how it can be improved for implementation on future IT projects.

The experienced staff at Nextrio will help you develop and implement comprehensive IT project plans to meet your business goals. We offer numerous IT solutions tailored to any size, industry, and business need. You can find additional details on our website or contact us at (520) 519-6301.