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Common Employee Errors That Can Cost Your Business

By Nextrio on December 08th, 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Errors can happen every day, and that can mean lost profits and unhappy customers. You can prevent some of these common errors by keeping your employees trained on new technology and aware of different security issues that might affect your business. Let’s take a closer look at some common employee errors that might cost your business.

Misusing Equipment

Misuse of equipment or software can be one of the most common errors that can severely impact your business. If an employee pushes the wrong button, or series of buttons, then he or she could cause a ripple effect of mistakes among the office. This continuing problem could result in extensive repair efforts by your IT department, which will cost your business money in the form of man hours and repair costs. Prevent misuse by training all your employees on your office equipment and software or limiting access to sensitive equipment.

Misunderstanding Security Measures

Security is crucial to the continued safety of your business, your employees, and your customers. If an employee accidentally opens a phishing email—spam that is meant to look legitimate—then your entire office software could be affected. It is imperative that your employees understand how important security is to your business and how to maintain it. It is also necessary to regularly audit your IT department to ensure your security is always up-to-date.

Using Outdated Technology

Employee errors may also be a result of using outdated technology. If technology is not up-to-date, then your employees may not be as productive as they could be with updated technology. Mistakes are easily made on older tech, because there may not be corrective software or security features in place to prevent common errors. This can result in lost profits, lower productivity, and potential for errors. Always keep your office and IT department updated in software, technology, and training.

Work with Nextrio to determine if your business is at risk and learn how to bolster it against common errors. We have several services, such as training and IT support, to keep your business productive. Please call us at (520) 545-7100 to set up a consultation appointment.