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ClixSense Compromises Extensive Customer Data

By Nextrio on February 10th, 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

With great power comes great responsibility; the bigger your pool of customers, the more trust they will place into your hands. ClixSense is one online company that has had millions of active user accounts, making a cyber-attack even more dangerous for them. The nature of the website played an additional role in the severity of their infamous hack, and the executives were reluctant to divulge the details.

The Hack

While ClixSense might not be as popular as Google or Facebook, it still has millions of user accounts on file. This company offers people a way to make money online by taking surveys and watching advertisements. If you think like a hacker, you already know why this makes the business a prime target for a cyber-attack: A company with a large customer base that works with money can mean a huge payday for hackers.

The Nature of ClixSense

Hackers typically come up with usernames, passwords, email addresses, and other personal yet somewhat peripheral information through their cyber-attacks. Due to the nature of ClixSense’s business, hackers could come away with much more. You need to have some sort of financial information on file in order for ClixSense to be able to pay you for the ads you watch and the surveys you take. This means that in addition to passwords and email addresses, hackers made off with access to people’s credit card information, home addresses, and more personal details.

Not the Whole Truth

The 6.6 million users who had lost their information through the attack didn’t get the whole truth when ClixSense execs first made the incident public, and the news they did get came a week after the attack. Users were encouraged to change their ClixSense passwords, but it’d be wiser for them to change all their passwords.