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Benefits of the Scalability in Cloud Computing

By Nextrio on July 25th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Hosting and operating IT resources in-house can be an expensive, restrictive undertaking for small businesses. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables your company to quickly react to the needs of your business, improves operation efficiency, and frees up resources. Utilizing scalable IT resources through the cloud will offer your business the following benefits.

Greater Flexibility and Mobility

Cloud computing and mobile technology go hand in hand. By making files and data accessible through the cloud—instead of storing them on a local computer’s hard drive—employees can be more flexible both in and out of the office. Using a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or notebook, employees can instantly share files over the Web and access data quickly and securely. Thanks to the scalability of cloud computing, any number of users can be easily removed or added. This is especially helpful for businesses that rely on seasonal workers or contractors. If your business suddenly grows because of a merger or acquisition, your scalable cloud-based infrastructure can instantly accommodate more users and data. Cloud computing also eliminates the headache of data migration and relocation.

Lower Costs

Without a hosted server or network, your company would have to purchase, store, secure, and manage its own physical servers and networked computers. Many small and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the resources to support local servers and an in-house IT team to maintain the network. Cloud computing allows you to easily downscale or upscale your IT requirements as needed, supporting changes to your business without expensive, time-consuming modifications to your existing system. Also, the IT experts at managed data centers will carefully monitor the allocation of resources so that overloading or insufficient processing power is never a concern. Desktop and other software applications can even be managed as services via the cloud, which can lower costs.

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