Apple Inc. is a Cupertino-based multinational technology company that produces computers, smartphones, tablets, and much more; Apple has also built a significant presence in online music and video distribution and storage. Chief among Apple’s most popular technologies today is the iCloud, a cloud-based subscription service that allows users to store and access any data they desire from anywhere on Earth. However, the iCloud is not outside the reach of industrious hackers—in 2014, information came to light surrounding the theft of personal photos from the iCloud accounts of several celebrities.

The Breach

In 2014, Apple Inc. confirmed reports that several celebrities had been the victims of iCloud account breaches, which led to the theft and distribution of personal photos. The breach affected approximately 20 well-known celebrities and personalities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna. While Apple was willing to confirm that the breach had occurred, the company was also quick to state that the thefts did not appear to be due to any type of breach in the company’s iCloud security. Instead, Apple claimed that the information had been stolen when hackers deduced the login information of the celebrities whose accounts were breached.

Apple’s Reaction

Following the release of information about the breach, Apple added an opt-in two-step verification security measure designed to protect user data. The purpose of adding this verification was to block any third-party software from accessing login information that could lead to further iCloud account breaches. When this additional verification option is chosen, a user must request and enter a four-digit verification code before accessing an iCloud account from a device that has never been used before.

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