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Android’s Growth Spurt

By Nextrio on February 08th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Google purchased Android, Inc. in 2005, and the first commercial Android smartphone was released in 2008. Apple’s iPhone was a rising star at that time with many fans and a growing share of the market, according to Gartner. Fast forward to 2014…IDC reports that Android now accounts for over 80% of all smartphones shipped. What’s causing the stir?

Operating systems are the heart of devices, and Android is a popular one. Its open source code and liberal licensing structure lets manufacturers and developers change/distribute code freely. This flexibility allows for a wide variety of device choices and features. The non-proprietary design is a bonus for consumers who appreciate the power and freedom to customize/personalize their systems.

Android also has iPhone beat when it comes to pricing. IDC Research Manager, Ramon Llamas, noted that Android has a “…selection of devices available at prices low enough to be affordable to the mass market, and it is the mass market that is driving the entire market forward.” When you purchase an Android phone, you get a lot of features for your money.

Being part of Google has its advantages. Android phones are tightly coupled with Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome browser and other Google services. Due to the openness of the architecture, developers can create apps that more easily talk to one another and facilitate the sharing of all kinds of data.

When it comes to market share, it is clear that Android smartphones dominate and will continue to grow. Gartner estimates that Android will reach 1.1 billion users in 2014, a 26 percent increase from 2013. Flexibility, price and integration are just a few reasons for the increase in popularity. However, this increase means that there are choices like never before. If you have questions about the technological strategy of your business, and would like to partner with an experienced solutions provider, Nextrio can help. Nextrio’s friendly and knowledgeable staff offers IT and managed services to help you navigate a sea of choices.