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Aligning Technology with Business Growth

By Nextrio on November 30th, 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

178589874The technology available today has been an enabler for new small businesses to grow and thrive. The cost and performance of technology continuously improves through innovation, competition, and adoption. No longer is it cost prohibitive to apply new technology to grow a business. There are many ways for a small business to leverage its capabilities for success. Here is a closer look at what any small business owner should know about the role of technology in business growth.

Create a digital edge

A digital edge can mean a wide range of things, depending on the industry and company goals. In some cases, the digital edge may relate to the use of technology to streamline customer interactions and cut down wait times so that clients feel more satisfied with their overall experience. A digital edge may also be non-customer facing. For example, you might use technology to facilitate easier, faster communication with your suppliers to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Leverage technology to stay engaged

At the same time technology can reduce face time with customers, it can also present new opportunities for you to stay engaged and learn what it is that your customers really want. Social media has created a platform where customers are engaging with marketing tactics, often without even realizing it. By connecting in more subtle ways with your clients through social media, you can boost customer engagement at a low expense.

Stay on top of tech trends

Some small business owners do shy away from technology in general, because tech trends evolve, fade and often go away.  Fear not! Learning about the latest and greatest will give you an edge.  Keeping in mind the need to be budget conscious, focus on selecting proven technology that allows for effective use of money and resources.

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