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A Closer Look at Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint Technology

By Nextrio on September 07th, 2012 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Since its debut in 2011, Microsoft Office 365 has provided offices all around the world with a number of effective cloud-based services. For instance, Office 365’s SharePoint Technology makes it possible for workers to share documents and collaborate on important projects. If you’re interested in subscribing to SharePoint Online, read on to learn more about its capabilities:  


Sharing and managing documents

Like many of Office 365’s other features, SharePoint Technology operates in the cloud. With SharePoint Online, a team of coworkers can create a series of websites for easy project management and file sharing. Since documents live online, you can share them from the office, from home, or while on a business trip—the possibilities are endless. You can even manage some documents offline when you’re out of reach of a Wi-Fi hotspot.  


Encouraging project collaboration

SharePoint Technology promotes teamwork by making it easy for members of your organization to work on various projects simultaneously. If you’re trying to draft an important presentation, for example, you can open it up to others for real-time editing and feedback via SharePoint until you have a polished finished product. Since SharePoint operates online, you and your colleagues can telecommute or work from multiple locations.


Keeping people informed

SharePoint Technology is also an excellent means of conveying important information to colleagues, potential partners, and clients. Whether you’re looking to keep employees up to date on company news or inform customers of upcoming sales, SharePoint Online can help. Creating sites, coordinating project efforts, and posting relevant information are all exceedingly easy with SharePoint.


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