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4 Small Business Technology Trends for 2013

By Nextrio on January 11th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Right after the New Year, we noticed an uptick in blog posts and articles forecasting technology trends for 2013. So what does the year ahead have in store for personal and business technology?  Below we’ll highlight a few of our favorite predictions for 2013:


1. Increased Tablet and Smartphone Use for Business
Along with other tech industry predictions, TechRadar.com believes that business computing will evolve to include more tablets, phones, and devices other than personal computers. There are many applications for tablets and smartphones in a small business setting, and in 2013, small business owners should consider adding different hardware to the mix. To get started, here are some recommendations on managing the use of personal devices in the office.


2. Better Leverage of Data and Analytics

 Gartner Inc. announced its top 10 strategic technology trends for the coming year. We’d like to call out trend number seven: actionable analytics. Many small businesses use software like Google Analytics or Salesforce, which collect huge swaths of data. Yet small business owners do not take advantage of the data insights these applications offer. Business owners that use data and analytics to drive strategies and foster growth will stay ahead of the curve in 2013.


3. More Human IT Professionals

At Nextrio, we’ve always taken pride in the fact that our IT experts are personable and business-savvy. This makes it easy for our team to communicate with clients and find solutions that really work for Tucson small businesses. That’s why we were happy to see trend number four listed as, “IT’s Human Side,” in ITBusinessEdge.com’s slideshow. We agree that IT professionals need to focus on end users and get them involved in the process in order to build successful IT solutions.


4. Telecommuting Goes Mainstream

Wide adoption of cloud-based collaboration tools and desktop virtualization software allows workers to get their jobs done anywhere and anytime. In a post on 2013 business trends, the OPEN Forum calls out this change and predicts that remote workers will become more mainstream. Small businesses that adopt a more flexible telecommuting policy may see increased productivity, improved morale, and even more collaboration using video conferencing and document sharing tools!


What is your small business resolution for 2013? If you want to improve the way your Tucson organization uses technology in the workplace, then call Nextrio at (520) 519-6301. Our friendly IT professionals can help your business stay on top of technology trends!