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3 Reasons Why More Small Businesses Are Adopting Virtualization

By Nextrio on December 15th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Small businesses can earn a number of benefits by utilizing professional computer services. Working with Nextrio gives you access to a variety of helpful IT services, including virtualization. Find out if your company should adopt virtualization by checking out some of its most appealing advantages:

Provides More Security

Virtualization provides a number of benefits that are especially useful to small and medium businesses. Enhanced security is one of the most appealing of these benefits, enabling small businesses to provide comparable security to that offered by larger companies. Be replacing a room full of personal computers with one central server to which all employee computers are connected, companies can reduce both the cost and time associated with maintaining security. This makes it easier to commit to security for services and client information.

Allows Easier Access

Switching from a traditional personal computer setup to the modern virtualization option helps both clients as well as employees when it comes to accessing information. Virtualization speeds services up by relying on one server instead of multiple different machines. This makes it easier for clients to access information quickly and conveniently. By getting rid of each employee’s personal computer, you can also give them easier access to important information. Employees can use their smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices to access work information from a variety of places!

Reduces Company Costs

Your company can also benefit financially by making the switch to virtualization. Instead of having to maintain a number of personal computers, you can remove the clutter and reduce the maintenance responsibilities. Virtualization makes it easy to update and enhance all machines at once, allowing your company to save money on computer support and other services. Your employees can cut down on costs, save time, and avoid unnecessary frustration due to personal computer issues.

Find out if virtualization is the right choice for your company by contacting Nextrio at (520) 545-7101! Call us to see if our computer support is the right option to help your Tucson small business reach the next level.