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3 Reasons to Incorporate IT Policies in Your HR Manual

By Nextrio on October 02nd, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Your HR manual includes policies and procedures that are important for day-to-day business operations. In addition to clearly outlining company rules and expectations, HR manuals are also important tools to ensure that your employees know how to properly use company-owned computer equipment. Update your HR manual if necessary to include important IT policies covering how to request computer support and personal use of company computers. Here are three reasons why:

1. Clearly Outline Grounds for Termination

Improper use of company computers and computer equipment is one of the leading causes of early termination. By clearly outlining policies regarding the use of company computers, including personal use limitations, you can hopefully cut down on the amount of disciplinary actions against employees for improper technology use. Clearly outlining these policies will also make it easier if you must fire employees who violate them.

2. Protect Your Computer Equipment

Another benefit of outlining policies regarding the use of company computers in your HR manual is that you can protect your equipment from damage stemming from improper use. For example, telling employees that they are not allowed to take laptops home with them can prevent loss from theft. Banning personal use of company computers can also lower the odds of catching a computer virus.

Streamline IT Support Policies

Incorporating IT policies into your HR manual can also help streamline policies and procedures regarding IT support. For instance, you can outline the steps an employee should take in the event of a hardware- or software-related issue. You may even want to include basic troubleshooting steps for common computer problems such as frozen screens and log-in errors.

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