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3 Microsoft Excel Tips for Small Businesses

By Nextrio on January 25th, 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditlinkedinmailby feather

Every executive and administrative employee should have a good handle on how to use Microsoft Excel. Today, small businesses use Excel to manage databases, financials, project workflow, and much more.

Knowing how to organize and manipulate data in Excel can save time and reveal valuable insights that drive your organization’s strategy. Below are our top three tips for small businesses looking to learn Excel in 2013:


1. Be Consistent

When managing large sets of information in Excel, it’s best to come up with standard names for what’s in each cell or column. For example, if you are using Excel to manage a mailing list, you may want to always name your address fields “Address1,” for the street address and “Address2,” for an accompanying unit number. Consistent field names and formatting allow you to more easily combine and segment lists into new files.


2. Break Data Down into Fields

A good rule of thumb in Excel is to separate out information into the most specific fields possible. Many times, people new to Excel will combine first and last names into one single field. This can be a problematic choice if the user wants to sort by last name in the future. When in doubt, separate it out! It is easy to combine two cells using a quick CONCATENATE formula, but it is much more difficult to break apart information housed in one cell.


3. Learn Your Go-To Formulas

Do you ever find yourself wishing that two Excel sheets could talk to each other, or that you could filter certain information out of a column? Microsoft Excel is so robust, that many times you will find a formula or feature that meets your needs. To discover new tricks, use the built-in formula bar to look up common functions or go to Microsoft’s site. A quick Google search can turn up helpful video and blog tutorials as well.


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