• Art

    • Daily joy Being a mentor
    • What I like We have top notch work tools
    • My passion Trains, all sizes
  • Cathryn

    • What I love The people are awesome
    • Who knew I’m a closet NASCAR fan
    • I’m valuable because I know about our customers
  • Paz

    • My special talent I understand CFOs
    • I like Working with Tucson leaders
    • This makes me happy Covered parking
  • Stephanie

    • Best work challenge Dealing with a variety of personalities
    • Favorite work perk Free Dr. Pepper
    • Who knew? I love paper crafts
  • Shawna

    • Nickname: Peaches
    • Top work challenge: Knowing customer pain points and solving their problems
    • Daily joy: Pleasing customers
  • Jake

    • Who knew? I built my 3D printer from 3D printer parts
    • Nickname I don’t think I have one…
    • Favorite work perk Tinkering with equipment
  • Amy

    • Favorite work perk: Cake Day
    • I’m valuable because: I am a Windows 8 expert
    • Who knew? I have a collection of PJs
  • Damon

    • Who knew Finished 4th in 100M at Junior Olympics
    • Best work perk The people I work with
    • I like Variety in my work day


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